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3 safety tips for older drivers

As you get older, you realize certain tasks may become more challenging, such as driving. While driving is a great way to maintain your independence, you should keep track of your limitations and ensure you are prioritizing your safety. If you get into an accident at this point in your life, the injuries could be severe and life-altering

This does not necessarily mean you need to stop driving right away, but you should learn how to stay on top of your driving skills and adjust to changes. Brush up on tips on how to stay safe as an elderly driver. 

1. Schedule consistent hearing and vision tests

Your hearing and vision may decline with your age. A reduced hearing ability can mean you may not hear approaching ambulances, police officers or trains. Vision problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts can make it hard for you to see the road clearly–especially at night. Talk to your doctor about scheduling regular visits for exams. 

2. Stay active

According to SafeBee, exercising regularly can help you be a safe older driver; remaining physically active improves your flexibility and strength. You may not realize that simple actions such as turning a steering wheel or looking over your shoulder require you to be fit. Simply walking and stretching can help you stay physically fit.

3. Know your limitations

Make necessary adjustments to any recurring problems. For example, if you notice your hands hurt after gripping your steering wheel, get a comfortable cover for it. You can also plan to only drive during daytime hours if you struggle to see well at night. If you have trouble driving in the rain, snow or other inclement conditions, limit yourself to driving only in good conditions. 

You may not want to come to terms with the changes that come with age, but following these three tips will only make you safer and help you avoid accidents. 

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