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Benefits of divorce mediation

Nowadays, couples divorce for all kinds of reasons, and not all divorces involve long, drawn-out courtroom battles, despite what television and movies often suggest. Furthermore, not all divorces involve allegations of cheating, abuse or similar unethical acts. In some cases, parties decide it is time to separate not because they dislike one another, but because they simply are no longer getting what they once did out of the union.

If you are heading for a divorce, but the relationship between you and your partner is relatively amicable, you may find your entire family might benefit from you and your partner undergoing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. In addition to giving you and your partner an opportunity to work through your differences and issues with an impartial third party, mediation also:

Can help to minimize legal costs

Legal fees can become considerable in a contentious divorce, particularly if you and your partner cannot agree on matters such as child custody, who is to stay in the home and so on. In addition to legal fees, you also have to consider court costs and related expenditures. Costs increase with every trip to court and are exponentially higher with a court trial. Mediation is almost always going to prove far more affordable than litigation in court to resolve your issues. Mediation can help the parties keep their legal costs lower by resolving issues without court involvement.

Has positive effects on children

If you and your partner share children, your decision to pursue mediation as opposed to litigation in court can help make the process of separation easier on them. Not only does it show them you and the other parent prioritize their well-being over your own issues, it also demonstrates the two of you will be able to work together, when necessary, for the sake of your children post-divorce. Mediation may also give you and your partner more control over issues relating to child custody and similar interests, as opposed to handing the decision to a judge who is unfamiliar with your family.

Mediation is one of the most popular forms of alternative dispute resolution. There are other options as well and most courts will encourage creative dispute resolution if it means you can avoid litigating in court. Work with your family law attorney to learn about additional ways to resolve issues out of court. 

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