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Tips if you plan to leave significant money to your church

When you are drawing up a will or going through estate planning, one of your priorities may be leaving money to your church. It has been a source of joy and love for you, and you want to recognize and honor the church's role in your life.

So, here are a few tips to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you and your church beneficiary.

Estate planning for your pets is more complex than leaving a will

Now that you have finished your estate planning, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You know that your last will and testament will take care of your loved ones after your death, and if an illness or injury incapacitates you before then, your relatives know your wishes regarding your care. But wait – did you remember to plan for Princess’s care after you pass away or need to move to a care facility? You and many other Kansas residents may overlook planning for your beloved pets when you are handling the estate planning for your human loved ones.

Is it possible simply to leave your pets to another family member in your will? Or, if you have no living relatives, what about leaving your estate to your pets? The answers to these questions are yes and no respectively. By law, pets are personal property and cannot own assets. Therefore, you can leave your cat to an heir in your will, but you cannot legally bequeath Princess your home and wealth.

3 safety tips for older drivers

As you get older, you realize certain tasks may become more challenging, such as driving. While driving is a great way to maintain your independence, you should keep track of your limitations and ensure you are prioritizing your safety. If you get into an accident at this point in your life, the injuries could be severe and life-altering

This does not necessarily mean you need to stop driving right away, but you should learn how to stay on top of your driving skills and adjust to changes. Brush up on tips on how to stay safe as an elderly driver. 

3 tips for preventing a will contest

There are a lot of reasons to create a good estate plan, from making sure your end-of-life wishes are followed to giving certain assets to those you feel deserve them most. One other crucial aspect to ensure your estate plan is airtight is to prevent future fights between your beneficiaries once you pass.

You do not want your will to stir up arguments, controversy or cause long-lasting rifts. Will contests can last for years and have huge implications on family relationships. So how can you work now to avoid this in the future? Consider the following tips to achieve your goal of reducing family conflict about your will. 

Benefits of divorce mediation

Nowadays, couples divorce for all kinds of reasons, and not all divorces involve long, drawn-out courtroom battles, despite what television and movies often suggest. Furthermore, not all divorces involve allegations of cheating, abuse or similar unethical acts. In some cases, parties decide it is time to separate not because they dislike one another, but because they simply are no longer getting what they once did out of the union.

If you are heading for a divorce, but the relationship between you and your partner is relatively amicable, you may find your entire family might benefit from you and your partner undergoing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. In addition to giving you and your partner an opportunity to work through your differences and issues with an impartial third party, mediation also:

3 essential steps for starting a new business

As you start your new business, you are likely to hear a lot of contradicting advice and tips. If you search the internet, you may come across numerous articles and forum discussions on the subject from a lot of people who do not know what they are talking about.

The truth is, a few simple steps can make your business formation successful. You do not have to follow a long list of detailed advice or buy a book on starting a business. Here are some basic tips to follow when you begin running your own company. 

Important considerations in crafting a will

Undoubtedly, there will come a time in your life when you must start thinking about what is to happen once you pass on. Some people decide to create wills after going through major life events, such as getting married or having a child, and others choose to do it once they reach a certain age or stage of life.

Regardless of your reasoning for doing so, creating a will is a wise decision, as it gives you power over where your assets will go after your passing. The following tips may help you get things right the first time and avoid some particularly common mistakes. So, before you create yours, consider the following.

What to change in your will after a divorce

A divorce comes with a long to-do list. You may have to worry about a new living situation, reduced budget and completely different schedule. The paperwork never seems to end even when your divorce is final. All these alone add enough stress to life after divorce.

However, one thing you should add to the list is updating (or completely rewriting) your will. In the unfortunate event of your passing, you want your will to reflect your current circumstances and wishes. The following are a few areas you should change.

3 legal grounds for contesting a will

Do you have questions about the legitimacy of your loved one’s will? If so, you might be considering probate litigation. Seeking to invalidate a will is done through the process of a will contest lawsuit. Before you file a lawsuit, you should know some basic things about the process first.

Challenging a will in court requires certain grounds for your argument to be successful. Keep reading for an overview of the legal reasons for challenging the validity of a will in Kansas.

Who should you choose as the executor of your estate?

Selecting an executor who will manage your estate after you die is an important decision. Choose the wrong person, and there could be vanishing funds, family feuds and costly legal battles. Most people look to a family member or trusted friend to handle the job.

Think of your executor as a chief administrator who will see the proper conclusion of your business affairs and distribution of your assets as you directed.


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