What To Expect At Our First Meeting

Hiring an attorney shouldn't be an intimidating process. We want you to feel comfortable with the counsel you hire. We want you to know what our firm is about and how we approach practice. That's why we offer free initial consultations so that we can answer some of your questions and you can evaluate if we are the right fit.

Before we meet in our office, we will need some basic information about you and your matter so that we can run a conflict check. During our first meeting, it is also helpful if you can gather information prior to our meeting. Gathering this information is not a requirement, since we know that some of this may be hard to gather, but it can be helpful.

During our first meeting we will gather information from you and from your documents which will allow us to thoroughly evaluate what options you may have available and help determine how we can assist you.

Helpful Documents For Our Meeting (Not Required)

We have outlined a list of documents that may be helpful for you to know what to expect at our first meeting — depending on the purpose of your office visit.

Estate Planning

  • Any current wills or trust documents
  • List of assets/liabilities
  • Real property information
  • Personal property outline
  • Business information
  • List of questions

Probate & Estate Administration

  • Last will and any codicils (updates)
  • Trust documents
  • Death certificate
  • Funeral expenses list
  • Outline of decedent's assets/liabilities
  • List of questions

Family Law

  • Outline of assets/liabilities
  • Real property information
  • Tax returns/income information
  • List of questions

Personal Injury

  • Medical records
  • Police report
  • Accident pictures
  • Witness information
  • Insurance information
  • List of questions

Helping Clients In The Shawnee, Kansas, Area

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