We Can Help Manage Relationships During A Difficult Time

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is challenging and emotional. A lot of factors may be at play that makes managing the estate administration especially difficult. Your loved one may have had an estate plan already or may have died before creating one. Either way, the situation is complicated and nuanced.

If your loved one died intestate — without a will — then the law provides for how property is dispersed. While there is a way to determine how to handle an estate, complications remain. We strive to help you manage family relationships during this difficult time. We can assist you in evaluating the outstanding bills, transfer of property — and generally guide you through the process.

An Experienced Attorney Can Bring Peace Of Mind

If there is a need to probate a will, evaluate asset distribution, review beneficiaries or even transfer property, you can be certain that the advice of an attorney goes a long way. Even if you don't need a lot of legal assistance, some counsel can help provide peace of mind in the probate and estate administration process.

At the Logan Law Firm, LLC, we offer free initial consultations and we encourage you to set something up even if all we need to say to you is that you don't actually need a lawyer. We will always be straightforward in our analysis of your situation. We truly mean it when we say that we want to help clients and for our clients to be better off because of our advice and counsel.

Do You Need An Estate Plan?

Maybe your loved one planned ahead — or maybe they didn't. Regardless, you probably can appreciate the importance of estate planning at this time. If you are dealing with the estate administration of a loved one and realize that you need an estate plan yourself, we can help. Getting your affairs in order now can help your loved ones in the future.

Helping Clients In The Shawnee, Kansas, Area

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