Family Focused Results

At the Logan Law Firm, LLC, we assist clients in finding outcomes that are good for their family. Often this means minimizing conflict — whenever possible — and focusing efforts on creative results. If you are faced with a family law matter, you may not know what you want or even what is best. We can help you sort through your options and outline a strategy to keep you focused on a positive outcome.

We can help clients through a number of difficult family law cases, including:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Paternity
  • Grandparent rights
  • Post-decree issues
  • Modifications
  • Mediation

If you have a family law matter and you are looking for caring and compassionate counsel, we can help.

Family Law Doesn't Have To Get Nasty

Many parties think that hiring a lawyer will make things more contentious. That isn't necessarily true. Most family law attorneys understand the importance of amicable resolution.

While a court battle is always an option, it is rarely the route taken to resolve family law disputes. This is because families are better off if they resolve issues outside of court on their own terms. Separating parties are better able to co-parent, parties are more likely to follow an agreement (versus an order) and they can craft creative solutions for their own unique circumstances.

We work with clients to find an option that doesn't require court to resolve differences. These options include negotiation and mediation, among other options. Divorce planning can include a plan for what happens when circumstances change down the road. A court order is less likely to allow for an evolving arrangement as parties remarry and children grow.

We Offer Free Consultations

Not every attorney or law firm approaches practice the same way. We understand that you should be comfortable with the lawyer you hire. Come into our Shawnee, Kansas, office and find out more about our approach.

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