Practicing With Integrity | Client Needs Come First

At the Logan Law Firm, LLC, we focus on what you need. That may mean that we tell you that you don't need a lawyer at all. We always recommend meeting with an attorney to find out more about the options in your particular circumstances. That is why we offer free initial consultations.

Practicing with integrity means putting clients first and truly advising them on what is best for them and for their family. We take that obligation seriously at our firm. For more information about what to expect at our first meeting, read more here.

Our Practice Areas

We offer a wide range of services at our firm. We can help families, individuals or businesses depending on your needs. Our practice areas include:

  • Estate planning
  • Probate law and estate administration
  • Family law matters
  • Transactional business law issues
  • Personal injury

If you have a complex legal matter and want a firm with strong connections to this community, we can help.

Compassionate And Caring Representation Throughout

A large number of our cases include emotional situations such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one. We approach each of these cases with the appropriate level of care and concern. We want our clients to feel comfortable with their counsel and confident in the advice they receive. There is no rush to getting things right and we will take the time to get things done correctly so you have one less thing to worry about.

Call our Shawnee office at 913-951-0262 or contact us online to find out more.