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Who should you choose as the executor of your estate?

Selecting an executor who will manage your estate after you die is an important decision. Choose the wrong person, and there could be vanishing funds, family feuds and costly legal battles. Most people look to a family member or trusted friend to handle the job.

Think of your executor as a chief administrator who will see the proper conclusion of your business affairs and distribution of your assets as you directed.

3 celebrity estate planning mistakes to avoid

Recent celebrity deaths have caused sadness and nostalgia for a lot of people. If you have reflected on the hard work of late celebrities such as Prince and Robin Williams, you can learn a lot of lessons from their estate planning strategies, too. Nobody is exempt from estate planning pitfalls, and being prepared is key.

Do not put off determining the future of your property. Here are the top celebrity estate planning mistakes you can learn from and what to do instead.

3 lessons you can learn from Gordon Ramsay's estate planning

If you have ever watched Gordon Ramsay on TV, you know that he can be brutally honest. Turns out, his blunt demeanor influences his estate planning, too. Ramsay does not want his children to inherit his valuable estate.

While this might sound off-putting, it is worth taking a look at your estate planning strategy and ensuring your assets are going to be disbursed how you intended. Keep reading for some smart estate planning tips.


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